For those wishing to unwind, relax and feel pampered. Thousands of years old, this treatment combines the power of aromatic oils to give you the desired effect, whether emotional or physical.


Massage practices from the East and West are applied with moderate pressure to stimulate your nervous system while gentle techniques induce relaxation and promote well being.



Aromatherapy works on the basis that the smell of the essential oils trigger the limbic system - the part of the brain linked with emotion. This is why it can affect how you feel, and help you relax.


60 minute treatment - £45.00


30 minute treatment (back, neck & shoulder) - £35.00

Aromatherapy detoxifying


A massage treatment designed specifically for you if your wishing to cleanse the body and purge your muscles of toxins. Ideal for use in conjunction with a detox plan or as a start to your New Year diet regime.


The treatment starts with a full body brush to stimulate your blood and lymph circulation. An invigorating massage is then used with lymphatic drainage strokes to stimulate and aid the drainage of toxins.


The technique utilises a specific blend of aromatherapy oils, well known for their detoxifying effects.


Treatment benefits:


~ Augment detox program

~ Stimulate circulation and drainage

~ Increase oxygen levels

~ Organ function

~ Strengthen immunity

~ Improve muscle tone

~ Reduce swelling

~ Colon drainage


60 minute treatment - £45.00

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