Reflexology is a holistic therapy dating back to ancient China and Egypt.


Reflexology is a science based on the principle that all the body systems are represented on the feet. Reflexology can detect on the feet, areas of the body that are not functioning to their full potential.


By applying gentle pressure to the reflex points a reflexologist can help unblock and rebalance the energy pathway. This stimulates the body's own healing process.


Toxins in the body are broken down and eliminated, restoring the energy flow, creating harmony and optimum functioning within the body systems.

Reflexology treats the whole person mind, body and soul and not just the prevailing symptoms.




~ increases relaxation

~ relieves tension

~ improves sleep

~ improves mood

~ increases well being


60 minute treatment - £40 (choose from Gill or Chloe as your therapist)

Maternity Reflexology


Pregnancy and childbirth is a precious time for parents and baby. It is a natural process that brings huge changes physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive, holistic therapy that supports the body and mind in coping with and enjoying these wonderful changes.


Gill was privilaged to have been trained in Maternity Reflexology by midwife Suzanne Enzer RN RSCN SCM RZT, a world renowned author and Reflexologist who passes her enthusiasm, passion and belief in Maternity Reflexology on to her students.


Gill has also witnessed first hand its many positive benefits brought to pre-conception, pregnant and post natal clients. She is delighted and privilaged to be able to offer Maternity Reflexology at a very special time in people's lives.


60 minute treatment - £40 (Gill will be your therapist)

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