Thai Massage


A unique treatment.


This really is an all over body experience. Different to other therapies the client remains clothed whilst lying on a comfortable mat supported by cushions. No oil is used.


Thai massage is based on the theory that 10 energy lines run out from the belly button covering the whole body. Using a combination of pressure point massage and stretching these energy lines are cleared from blockages. It is these blockages that can cause any health problems.


To trace its roots right back it is the combination of Buddhist teachings from the Chinese and Indian traders in Thailand that developed Thai Massage.


It is thought Thai massage was used solely for therapeutic purposes and not for pleasure. But as it’s developed over time its healing moves have become incredibly relaxing.


60 minute treatment - £50.00


90 minute treatment - £65


2 hour treatment - £85.00



Tel: 07447 013532 - Chloe


Grange Therapies, Gillrudding Grange, Naburn, York,

North Yorkshire, YO19 6HJ

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